Professional Construction Quality Services

The service scope of the Professional Construction Quality Service Department covers the inspection, verification of each stage of the life cycle of the building. The construction and electromechanical professional team provides technical advisory services such as Residential Consultant Service, Project Progress Portfolio, Building Inspection and Public Area Inspection, etc.
Professional Construction Quality Services

In order to help improve the overall quality and efficiency of construction management, the SGS Professional Construction Quality Service team adopted the project management knowledge system of the PMI International Project Management Association, restructured the inspection process with innovative thinking, and provided the most complete Professional Construction Quality Management services. We uphold precision, integrity, Professional spirit, provide customers with the most credible verification services and best solutions.


  • Project Progress Portfolio
  • Building Inspection service
  • Public Area Inspection service
  • Engineering quality inspection service
  • Residential consultnt services
  • Urban Renewal and dilapidated building consulting services
  • IDI inspection services for construction projects
  • Curtain wall system service
  • Warehouse safty assessment
  • Storage shelf safety assessment service
  • Rental house verification services
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