SGS provides you with residential safety inspection services-Is public area of building required for inspection?

The professional inspection team will serve you during the complicated verification process in the public area inspection.


According to Article 57 of Taiwan Apartment Building Management Regulations, the house builder shall transfer the shared part of the apartment building, the agreed shared part and its ancillary facilities and equipment, facilities and equipment maintenance manuals and manufacturer information, transcripts of the use license, completion drawings, water and electricity, mechanical facilities, fire protection and The pipeline map stated that within seven days after the establishment of the management committee or the selection or designation of the management leader, the government authority, the apartment building management committee or the management leader will conduct on-site inspections on water and electricity, mechanical facilities, fire-fighting facilities and various pipelines to confirm that their functions are normal. After the error is corrected, hand it over. If the water, electricity, mechanical facilities, fire-fighting facilities and various pipelines of the apartment building mentioned in the preceding paragraph fail to pass the inspection or have obvious defects in their functions, the management committee or the person in charge of management may report to the competent authority for handling. The builder is responsible for repair and improvement, and within one month, the builder will go through the transfer procedures with the management committee or the person in charge of management.


The management committee must represent all households and shoulder the responsibilities of public settlement. For example, the construction quality, electrical and mechanical equipment, fire safety of the community, etc., during the complicated inspection and verification process, how can the rights and interests of all households be ensured?


SGS began to think about what we can do for consumers and builders? So there is a "public area inspection" service to provide the most complete customized service for all critical points after completion and the quality of the living environment of existing houses. The management committee completes the current status inspection required by the public point of delivery to enhance the market value of the construction project.

Professional matters should be left to the most professional team.

  • What is the procedure for the public area inspection?
    SGS Public area Inspection will implement the following procedures in accordance with the contract:
    (1) Preliminary survey of construction document: check whether the document and on site are unanimous.
    (2) Pre-inspection meeting: initial inspection instructions
    (3) On-site inspection: on-site inspection
    (4) Post-inspection meeting: summarizing defect of on site
    (5) On-site re-inspection: re-inspection of initial inspection
  • What documents should be prepared for public area handover?
    Before the inspection, the builder should provide the handover list, use license, current status construction document, and public equipment data.
  • Compared with consumers completing the public area handover by themselves, what are the advantages of SGS assisting in the public area inspection ?     
    SGS is the world’s most credible global No. 1 brand, with more than 120 years of testing, verification, inspection, and verification services, through technical team composed of the most professional colleagues provides the best solutions, ensures compliance with regulations, construction documents, and controls your risks. 


Building decoration, electrical and mechanical quality verification services

Protect rights and interests, assist in contract review, sales advertisements, building materials and equipment tables and other DMs, etc., to ensure that the current situation meets the quality, specifications and quantities stated in the relevant documents.

Building quality, a comprehensive inspection of building quality, including halls, halls, stairwells, special public spaces, basements, machine rooms, parking lots, landscapes and waterproofing, etc.
Test function, emergency generator trial operation, water supply and drainage equipment, sewage equipment, central monitoring system, air conditioning system, elevator and switchboard wire diameter specifications, etc.


To ensure safety, the fire protection switchboard, broadcasting system, fire hydrant box, fire extinguisher, smoke exhaust equipment, fire sensor and basement foam fire extinguishing equipment, etc.

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