Medical Devices Cybersecurity Testing Service

In the era of rampant hackers, the medical industry related to life and health often bears the brunt. For medical device manufacturers, most commercial insurance cannot help on hacking ransoms. Medical device manufacturers must find their way to face the challenges to protect their brand value and reduce litigation risks, and also comply with increasingly strict medical cybersecurity requirements.
Medical Devices Cybersecurity Testing Service


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SGS professional medical cybersecurity services

SGS Central Digital Trust Lab provides medical device manufacturers with complete medical cybersecurity services, including medical device security life cycle training, cyber risk assessment, and related security testing and verification services.

  •  FDA 3P 510(K) network security test
  •  EU Medical Device Directive (MDR) cybersecurity test
  •  Taiwan’s cybersecurity regulation requirements for medical devices



SGS Medical Device Service

Through the local team, integrating medical electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, software validation, reliability, network security... and other services, one-stop to provide customers with fast, effective and credible medical device safety testing and verification services , to help customers leveraging Information technology and developing a new blue ocean in the medical field.

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