SGS's hexavalent chromium solution-The control of restricted substances in order to reduce the risk of contamination of leather and leather products.

During the process of production, storage and transportation, a harmful element called hexavalent chromium (or chromium VI) may be formed on the tannin and leather products.

Hexavalent chromium is known for carcinogen which causes corrosion to human’s skin. Therefore, it is prohibited in many countries.

To avoid the formation of hexavalent chromium in products is a complicated issue in our society. If you ignore this issue, you will definitely pay for it!

If hexavalent chromium is founded in the product, the product may have to be discarded and the cost will be greatly increased. In addition to increase storage and transportation costs, it will also increase the risk of product returned by customers, and brand reputation damaged.

In order to enable the supply chain to fully manage and control the problems related to hexavalent chromium from the beginning, we provide a variety of comprehensive solutions including:

Hexavalent chromium preventive cognitive training

It is very important for major brands and distributors and their suppliers to understand how hexavalent chromium is formed. This way, the finished product can be complied with regulations.

Hexavalent chromium is one of the restricted substances that causes a lot of problem to industry. The purpose of this training is to enable students to clearly understand the causes and prevention methods of this substance.

The on-site assessment of hexavalent chromium prevention

We have developed an on-site evaluation which allows leather products production plants such as tannery, shoe factories and apparel manufacturers to evaluate the places where hexavalent chromium may form in the workshops. In this way, factories and manufactures can take preventive measures to prevent the formation of hexavalent chromium in products. Besides, if we find out improvement for the products, we can give suggestion for them.

Chromium VI test

Regular testing of leather and leather-containing products is the most basic step to ensure that consumer products comply with regulations and consumer needs.

We can provide a variety of testing services, including hexavalent chromium testing of components and finished products, and hexavalent chromium accelerated aging tests. These tests can be used to evaluate the possibility of hexavalent chromium formation during storage and delivery to consumers.

Why choose SGS's hexavalent chromium solution?

We are a trusted independent third-party service provider.

We specialize in providing consumer goods services, consulting solutions, training and technical support that meet customer needs, which can reduce risks, improve efficiency and improve quality.

Protect your business, customers and consumers from the risks associated with hexavalent chromium.

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