Agriculture Inspection

Agriculture Inspection Division, with unrivalled experience and expertise, delivers independent load/discharge quantity, quality & weight survey for global agriculture/ fishery/ livestock trade. Moreover, we have been appointed to inspect government imported rice/donated rice for humanity purpose for decades and become a long-term partner of Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan.
Agriculture Inspection

Our Services

  • Supervision of Loading / Discharge
  • Certificate of Quality
  • Certificate of Quantity / Weight
  • Draft Survey
  • Sampling
  • Fumigation
  • Vessel Holds Inspection
  • Damage Survey



Inspection services from SGS – risk reduction plus quality and quantity control ensure that you meet all relevant regulatory requirements. Learn more >
When a customer makes a claim on receipt of your goods that they have not met expectations, whether they be their own purchase expectations or those of local regulatory bodies, SGS claim inspection services can examine the goods that have been received and assess them against purchase or regulatory requirements and documentation from an earlier loading inspection prior to shipment. Learn more >
SGS provides cleanliness inspections throughout the supply chain, ensuring that your agricultural goods meet the appropriate quality and safety requirements at every stage. Learn more >
The damage survey services of SGS provide you with a factual, independent report that helps determine the condition of your cargo and any possible cause of damage. Learn more >
SGS’s e-certification service dramatically speeds up the documentation process, helping you to avoid the costs and delays associated with the issuing and transportation of certificates in hard copy. plantation reviews and timber due diligence services. Learn more >
Even when you have robust quality assurance and quality improvement processes in place to maintain high standards during product development and manufacture, it is still important to assess the quality and safety of your goods prior to shipment. Learn more >
Commodities services from SGS – a comprehensive range of services to ensure commodity quality and quantity. Learn more >
A key priority for SGS is helping our clients to maintain product integrity by reducing risks in the production chain as early as possible. Learn more >
Manufacturers and brand owners rely on retailers and local sales staff to market and sell consumer goods in accordance with global guidelines and locally agreed procedures. Learn more >
Agriculture Inspection
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